transafrica 2010


Why Africa? It is dangerous, there are diseases, civil wars, crime, hunger, poverty!

It has a rich culture heritage, long history, many different people with their own culture, language. The landscapes are incredibly diverse and stunningly beautiful, its nature and wildlife unique in the world.

So what is the best way to travel in these circumstances? Get 3 friends together, plan the journey for 12 months with professional assistance, charter a single engine plane and take 6 weeks for the adventure.

During our preparations, we learned very quickly that it will not be an easy job. Due to several factors, we had to change the original route several times. In the end we believe we have the optimal journey to see most of the major attractions in Africa but still being in safe territory.

With this web-page we would like to keep our friends informed about the trip, our impressions and of course with a lot of pictures. Web access in Africa will not always be easy. So please be patient when we are not always up-to-date.

We hope you will enjoy our page as much as we enjoy our journey.

Rainer, Tom, Urs

Africa - the dark continent

dream it

plan it

do it

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